23 March 2011

The Born Life

There is a time for everything..  
Whether to start, to finish, to do, or not to do.. 
We will never know when our hope will be fulfilled..  
But I know there will be a time when we smile and are thankful.. 
For the precious things that finally appear..
Something good comes to those who work on it.. 
Those who can get through hard moments.. 
Till that thing arrives and cheers them up..
To succeed and to fail.. 
To give and to take.. 
To be happy and to be sad..
Are the things that have their own moments..
If we understand why they happen..  
We will realize that there is a time for everything..

21 March 2011

The uncertain world

I always have something to look forward to. 
Make something up right now. 
Something that I want to do. 
Someplace that I want to be. 
Someone that I want to meet.
Someone that I want to live with.

And now,
I've LOST you..
The uncertain world has only just begun.

15 March 2011

You really don't know?

You never understood, why we did this. 
The audience knows the truth
The world is simple
It's miserable, solid all the way through
But if you could fool them even for a second
then you can make them wonder
and then you..
then you got to see something really special... 

11 March 2011


So i sit,
each day, 
and try to remember the colours that once made it move.
it still dead..

10 March 2011

the wonderful empathy

wherever you are,
right here and now, 
this is how awful stories end. 
But it's also how the best stories, 
embark on.

You're just another story that I can't tell anyone.

This is not a love but a heart that i tore it from my chest.
that i desiderate for you,

thank to you
you latterly made me bleeding.

The never ENDing search.

There are a million ways to adore.
But you are always my favorite.
No matter where you are now.
But I always know you're still out there. 
And I'm still waiting.
Never be done..
And keep your love with you.
Do so.

8 March 2011

Baru bermula.

Setelah menerjah merempuh berjuta-juta gelisah lara..
Kini sudah berakhir dengan lambang cinta kamu..
aku cinta padamu..
hanya aku sendiri..

masih mahukah kamu menjadi kelip-kelip yang tulus cahayanya?..

2 March 2011

Tiada lagi saat berdetik untuk aku kini.

Jauh aku berdiri
cuba untuk mendekati engkau
tunjukkan aku

payah dan parah untuk memahami aku
aku sendiri gagal memahami
andai kata engkau memahami
aku ingin selalu mendekati engkau

Akan tetapi
tersudut jauh aku berdiri dari engkau
tidak mampu untuk aku untuk mendekati engkau
Musnah impianku
punah segalanya

Kotak hati aku sudah terkunci
kuncinya sudah hilang di lautan api
mungkin tidak akan terserempak lagi
tiada lagi saat berdetik untuk aku kini.

During the time that passed..

The biggest scars are unseen and unremembered..
always from a smile you forgot long ago..
We would never get anything done otherwise...

1 March 2011

Tolong tukar hijau

Jalan yang engkau dan aku pilih semakin sempit,
lagaknya menyakitkan hati antara engkau dan aku,

semakin lama aku pandang ke hadapan,
semakin sesak hati ini,
semakin lama aku mendongak keatas,
semakin berliku hidup ini,

keadaanya semakin lama gelap,
hanya sinar cahaya berkelip-kelip malap,

tolong tukar hijau,
aku mohon.

ini bukan puisi tapi ini siulan hati..