23 March 2011

The Born Life

There is a time for everything..  
Whether to start, to finish, to do, or not to do.. 
We will never know when our hope will be fulfilled..  
But I know there will be a time when we smile and are thankful.. 
For the precious things that finally appear..
Something good comes to those who work on it.. 
Those who can get through hard moments.. 
Till that thing arrives and cheers them up..
To succeed and to fail.. 
To give and to take.. 
To be happy and to be sad..
Are the things that have their own moments..
If we understand why they happen..  
We will realize that there is a time for everything..


  1. there is a time for everything,always. yet, one keeps making excuses and lives in denial :)

  2. satu detiknya.. seseorang yg memaksa kita membuat alasan dan hidup dalam penafian.. :)

  3. power of time bak kata seorang penceramah yg tgh promot buku motivasi