15 March 2011

You really don't know?

You never understood, why we did this. 
The audience knows the truth
The world is simple
It's miserable, solid all the way through
But if you could fool them even for a second
then you can make them wonder
and then you..
then you got to see something really special... 


  1. ayat u sndr ke? sume ayat jiwang2..best! pandai!!! i follow blog u..tp rs cam teringin plak candy..hehe

  2. kb-- yup.. my own word.. something hiding behind word.. find it.. :)

  3. 2 3 kali bace post ni msih cuba mmhmi tapi xpe yg abstrak tu indah

  4. yes probably they never understand, why u did this.
    Maybe the audience know the truth;
    and maybe they're just faking it.
    World would be simple dear if you make it;
    but it is not, isn't it?
    God created glad, sad, laugh, mad;
    just for the sake of it.
    To make them wonder, you dont have to be a fool.
    and then you..
    yes you dear, will find something not special;
    but meaningful.